Low Cost Development Terms and Conditions

This terms and conditions notice refers to the terms and conditions for taking advantange of our low cost web development package.

The cost of the package is £50 per month

The minimum term of the package is 24 months

The Package Includes

  • Full website developement for a website of up to 12 pages, including a contact page(if required) and a privacy notice page(mandatory). Extra pages can be added at a rate of £5 per page per month.
  • Uploading of website to clients prefered hosting company
  • Assistance with the purchase of a domain name for your website eg dboland.co.uk
  • Up to 10 edits per year for your website. (Each addtion, removal or replacement of an image counts as one edit. Each addtion, removal or replacment of text counts as one edit). Addional edits can be done on a pro rata basis at a rate of £10 per edit.(Billed at the end of the month that the edit was made). The first 10 edits each year are included in your package as stated above.

The Package Does Not Include

  • The cost of hosting. This is between you and your hosting company with typical costs between £100 - £350 per year depending on the package you choose.Take a look at our recommended hosting package.
  • The cost of a domain name(website name), typically £10 - £30 per year depending on type, eg .co.uk, .com, .shop etc.
  • The cost of an ssl certificate for your site, which is required for secure websites (https:// as opposed to http:// ). Typically £30 per year per domain.

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